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Iplex is the exclusive owner and manufacturer of the GATIC® product range, which has been operating in Australia since 1937 and is an industry leader for access covers and grates.  The company has built its reputation on product quality, innovation, engineering expertise, technical support and customer service. 

The GATIC® product range specialises in the design and supply of standard “off the shelf” covers and grates and bespoke custom designed covers to suit arduous duties and applications.  GATIC has the expertise and experience to meet any SEWER applications. 


Typical covers and grates available:


* Available in a range of load classifications. Contact your GATIC representative for further information.




GATIC covers are specifically supplied to suit the EZIpit system.  The EZIpit® GATIC covers are suitable for both trafficable (Class D load) and non-trafficable (Class B load) installations

The EZIpit® is a polypropylene inspection and maintenance structure (Maintenance Shaft, Maintenance Chamber or Maintenance Hole) designed for buried gravity sewer applications. It supplements IPLEX plastic pipeline systems and is used for inspecting and maintaining sewer network systems. It consists of a base, a single wall corrugated riser, a reducing cone for maintenance holes and a range of covers designed for trafficable and non-trafficable areas. The design allows safe access to the sewer from the surface.

Access Shafts, Chambers and Maintenance Holes are used (where practicable) at every: 

In addition, they are used at specified intervals for inspection and maintenance. National Sewer Standards and Codes specify requirements for the location and spacing of Inspection Shafts and Chambers.

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