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Features Benefits
  • The mating undercut/draw cut butt joints of covers within each row provide adequate strength and stability without the need for cross supports over the opening
  • There is no limit to the width number of rows that can be used
  • Covers can be removed for partial or complete access to the opening as required
Side Entry Covers
  • Strength and durability
  • Easy and safe to operate with GATIC®’s range of lifting equipment
  • Economic design
Ductile Iron Gratings
  • Modular design – runs are built from a range of standard grates and bolted frame sections to suit any required length
  • Unrestricted trench access – grates can be removed individually for partial or complete access to the trench
  • Hydraulic efficiency – grate openings have been designed to prevent the ingress of large harmful debris whilst allowing smaller unobjectionable material to pass through without clogging the grate
  • Strength and durability – made from ductile iron grade 500/10 for superior strength to weight ratio
  • Stability under load – frame bar design ensures stable, permanent keying of frame in surrounding concrete