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Quality and Standards

GATIC's products are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996. We have a quality management system that complies with ISO9001:2015.

GATIC products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards that meet and exceed our customer expectations. GATIC's multiparts, trenches and any other customised product is fabricated locally in compliance with Australian and international standards. 

Manufacturing foundries for our products have local certification to the relevant Australian Standards along with International Standard for Quality Assurance and are also ISO 9001 certified. 

GATIC's market leading Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes deliver the best quality product to our customers.   

GATIC ISO 9001 Certificate

GATIC AS3996 Certificate
GATIC Mechanical Testing Laboratory

GATIC has an accredited National Association Testing Authorities (NATA) labratory.

We carry out comprehensive testing inhouse so our customers can be assured that the product they are purchasing complies to all the relevant Australian Standards. 

GATIC’s Mechanical Testing laboratory is recognised and accredited by the National Association Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA Laboratory Accreditation No. 14262). Load tests are carried out on our 1200kN capacity test rig as part of GATIC’s Quality Assurance program in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996:2019 and European Standard EN124:1994. Test reports are available on request.

GATIC also undertakes the following tests both inhouse and through independent institutes. 

  • Bicycle Tyre Penetration Resistance Test
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate Test 
  • Water Tight and Gas-tightness Test


Load testing under Australian Standard AS3996 involves Type Testing of a unit to ensure the product achieves its Load Classification and Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN).

Testing involves:

  • Five repetitions of the serviceability design load is applied to the unit in accordance with AS3996:2006 subclause, measurement of Ultimate Limit State Design Load (kN).
  • Set must not exceed the Permanent Set and Deflection Limits (refer to Table 4.2 in AS3996:2006 subclause
  • Followed immediately by one application of the ultimate limit state design load for a minimum of 30 seconds.

The unit must sustain the above tests without visible cracking, collapse or other forms of structural failure.

Technical and Engineering

GATIC technical and engineering works according to a robust product development framework. The design of our products goes through rigorous checks and balances so that we can deliver an end product which meets and exceeds customer expectations. 

GATIC uses market leading 3D modelling and design software with drafting capabilities, along with simulation capability, to give our customers the optimal product. GATIC designs its covers in accordance with AS3996 standard. 



Product Features

GATIC has an extensive range of access covers to conduct inspections or maintenance of various infrastructures. 

Features Benefits  
Gas and Water Tight Design Access covers are designed and manufactured to provide a sealed cover that is both gas tight and water tight.    
Rocking Preventive Design  Our covers are machined on the seating faces so there is a tight interference fit between the seating faces of the cover and the frame, eliminating rocking of covers in the frames.  
Bike Safe and Wheel Safe

GATIC's cast and smart grates are designed to capture water flow and its Class B and Class D are bike safe in all directions for peace of mind. 

Grate opening comply with AS3996 slot opening clause C3.3.7 [BTPR].

Bolt Down Safety Feature

GATIC's covers and grates are designed with a bolt down safety feature to resist dislodgement by traffic. 

GMS grates have a hinged option along with a bolt down safety feature and comply with AS3996 clause C3.2.1.2.

Uplift/Back Pressure Resistance

GATIC's bolt down feature prevents covers from popping out when there is internal back pressure. The bolts prevent the covers from coming loose as per AS3996 clause C4.2.8.

Cover Removal and Replacement

Our covers come with standard lifting keyhole provisions for easy removal and replacement using GATIC removal devices. 

Our covers with keyholes comply with AS3996 clause C3.2.2.6.

Brass and Stainless Steel edging We provide the option of stainless steel and brass edging for our square and rectangular covers with varying heights to suit customer needs.