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About us


More than 75 Years of service & Innovation 

GATIC® has a long and proud history of manufacturing in Australia, producing products that are the benchmark in its industry.
GATIC has been specialising in the manufacture and marketing of
access covers and gratings since 1937. With over 50 years of foundry
experience and large manufacturing and distribution network, GATIC
is well placed at the forefront of the industry for product quality,
innovation, technical support and customer service.
A Wide Range of Products 
GATIC’s extensive range of access covers and gratings are designed                                      
and manufactured to meet the highest standards set by the civil and
construction industry world wide.
The Gatic product range comprises:
• Circular access covers and frames
• Square and rectangular access covers and frames
• 2 - part, 3 - part and multi-part covers and frames
• Cast Iron, Galvanized Mild Steel (GMS) grates and frames
Brass and Stainless Steel edged covers and frames
• Concrete encased covers and frames
• Tree grates
• Lifting keys and accessories
GATIC® - The most specified product in Australia
• Engineered excellence
• Quality and reliability
• Innovative design


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