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At Gatic we research, develop and continually test our products to be confident we not only deliver the most efficient Grates, Covers and accessories but the most environmentally friendly, compatible products as well. 

Life Cycle Thinking - When developing new products or introducing new processes Gatic considers the whole-of-life of the product / process including end-of-life issue and waste management.  

Technical Support
Gatic service is supported by extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the industry. Our staff are skilled in design, application, structure and service. 
We provide our customers with technical support from the design stage through to the completion of the project.
Product Development 
"A modern research and development culture has ensured Gatic is atthe forefront of product development. Customer needs are met withpurpose-designed and built products. We at Gatic pride ourselveson offering products which are safe, ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly".  Bill Volkman Distribution Manager

Dedicated People. Total Solutions.

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